OsteoKing has been researched, tested, and applied on more than ten thousand of clinical cases in many hospitals in China, including the Shanghai Sixth People¡¯s Hospital, Beijing Ji Shui Tang Hospital, Beijing No. 301 Hospital of PLA, Affiliated Hospital of Beijing Medical University, Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Sun Yat Sen Medical University, Guangzhou Southern Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Traditional Chinese Medical University, Hubei Tong Ji Hospital, Hubei Friendship Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, Sichuan Provincial People¡¯s Hospital, Yunnan Provincial People¡¯s Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical College, the General Hospital of Chengdu Military District, Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Affiliated Hospital of the Third Military Medical University. OsteoKing has also been used by the users in the US and Europe and has been highly recommended by the doctors and the patients. It was called "magic herbal product" by the user from UK and "water of life" by the user from Turkey.

The most remarkable character of OsteoKing is that it provides scientific evidence for application by using scientific, objective and verified data. It is the top choice for maintaining the human bone health.