How can I order Osteoking online?
Just click the "Buy now" button on our homepage, and follow the instructions to complete your order.
Do you have any other payment methods besides PayPal? For example, can I pay directly by credit card?
For the time-being we can only accept payment through Paypal. PayPal is a worldwide used third-party payment platform, which is safe and efficient, and can protect buyers' capital security. We’re working on adding more payment channels and will inform you when advances are made.
I cannot find the window to pay the postage, how can I pay the postage?
We currently cover postage fee for the orders and use the postal service of DHL for a reliable and timely delivery.
We have seen the information “Buy 3 get 1 free” in your website. How long will the promotion policy last?
In order to reward the buyers, the preferential policy will continue for a period of time, please notice our website announcement. “Buy 3 get 1 free” means you pay for 3 boxes of Osteoking and actually you will receive 4 boxes of it.
How long can I receive my order of Osteoking?
At present we ship your order of Osteoking through DHL global mail. Usually you are expected to receive it in 7-9 days.
Osteoking tastes bitter and pungent, is it normal?
Osteoking is made from 100% natural herbs, so it tastes bitter and pungent, and it is totally normal.
I feel dizziness and dry mouth after taking Osteoking, how shall I deal with it?
Although Osteoking has been proved safe by numbers of experiments and tests, that it does not contain any pesticide residue, heavy metals or harmful microorganisms to human body, dry mouth and dizziness in rare cases are also observed, which require no special treatment, and the uncomfortable feelings will automatically disappear in 4 hours. In such cases we suggest you take Osteoking 1 hour after supper, followed by some lukewarm water with honey; if the uncomfortable feelings did not disappear in 4 hours, please try taking half a bottle every day instead.
Who should not take Osteoking?
Pregnant, nursing women, people who have glaucoma and history of mental disease should not take Osteoking. It should be taken with great caution by people with cardiac, lung or kidney insufficiency and allergic constitution.
Can Osteoking be taken continuously and in a long-term?
Osteoking can activate blood circulation and microcirculation, and tonify liver and kidney. Experiments and tests have proven it to be safe for continuous use, so it can be taken continuously and in a long-term.
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